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      • 8 TB SATA hard disk drive (HDD) ideal for Protect surveillance video storage.

        The 8 TB HDD is a surveillance-grade SATA hard disk drive that offers eight terabytes of supplementary storage for a UniFi OS Console or Network Video Recorder (NVR) storing footage captured by a Protect camera security system. The 8 TB HDD is a spacious, high-performance hard drive designed to support large deployments with multiple camera streams that produce numerous Smart Detection and event recordings. With the 8 TB HDD, you will have greater storage flexibility that will allow you to retain key captures longer without constantly worrying about freeing up space. Additionally, this HDD also optimizes your console or NVR's storage reliability and performance, making it the ideal compliment for your Protect deployment.


        •  8 TB surveillance-grade SATA HDD
        • Optimizes UniFi OS Console and NVR storage reliability and performance
        • Retains more recordings across multiple Protect cameras
        • Designed for high-volume camera security systems
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